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Let go of constant doing.

I help high action, success oriented women like you lean into the power of your being so you can take everything to the next level without burning out. 

This is perfect for you if you want to work on mastery, efficiency, flow and expression in your personal and professional life and move to the next level of vibrancy across the board.


Together we’ll untangle the delicate knots underlying your current situation and make a plan for your wellbeing-driven success. 


  • light up your challenges and possibilities in transformative, eye-opening, breakthrough-enabling ways.

  • remove the chaos, noise and stress on all levels

  • infuse your strategy, your decision making and your daily routines with spaciousness, powerful intention and inspired design.


You’ll leave brimming with the greatness of what’s deeply true about you, confident in your ability to move forward, revelling in the spaciousness of your newly aligned inner and outer world.

Coaching Options


Spend 90 mins mapping out where you want to get to and problem solving whatever is standing in the way.


This is a stand-alone, intensive hit of courage and clarity to guide your next phase of development.

£150 (Special Offer £99)


I’ll lead you through a 6-week process around a specific idea you want to implement or a challenge you need to solve. We’ll work on the practicals as much as the emotionals. You’ll get clear what’s REALLY going on, so you can focus on what matters.



For the deeper layers of transformation and long lasting success. We partner together for 3 months, and I stay close as you do focussed work on an area of your life or business. For you if you see the link between your inner process and your outer performance, & want to develop both.


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Book a free mini coaching session with me so we can see how best we can work together.

Client testimonials

"Alice has a magical capacity to pull the greatness out of me. She helps me see aspects of myself that I had perceived as flaws, as my in fact greatest strengths. Connecting with what I’m good at has been a relief and allows me to focus my energy on what I do best. I always feel so good about myself, so limitless under the warmth of Alice’s generous attention.



She connects me with my divinity so that I can remember the vast potential available to me. In practical terms, Alice has helped me realise my authentic value and charge really well for my services, in a female dominant sector where the culture is to undervalue. I had been sitting on a lot of resource for a successful business, but not had the clarity and focus to apply and get results for all the work I was putting in."

Roma Norriss, Parenting coach




"I saw Alice for a session a few weeks after I started my business. I was feeling a little lost regarding next steps. She helped me to focus on my strengths and look at ways that I can to network to gain new connections within my sector to get clients. When I left the session I was more focused and was able to take action to move forward in my business. ”

Deirdre Simpson, Special Educational Needs Lawyer



"You gave me permission to try things out, get things wrong and be on a learning curve. To step into my power and make a mess as part of the process. Being held as someone that can create, that has permission to be BIG! The sense of being celebrated for all that gives me courage and self respect. I so appreciate your ability to hold the shadowy aspects of my feelings without it impacting on the way you can hold the possibilities in my future. I feel the difficulties are honoured and can be included in the positive stuff as evidence of strengths and growth. I think that is a very unique and a powerfully feminine way of working."

Carolyn Clitheroe, Holistic Decluttering Consultant


Sign up to my mailing list to get my free PDF guide: 11 Tools For Success Without Burnout. For highly-sensitive, ambitious women.

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