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Ambition + Sensitive = Possible?

Do you work hard, but worry about the effect it's having on your health or relationships?

Are you pulling back from responsibility or growth in your working life because you still need something left for your kids or your own mental health at the end of the day?

Do you tell yourself your goals aren't possible because you're too shy, sensitive, anxious, disorganised, or because your health is too fragile?

Do you regularly find yourself fantasising about giving it all up and escaping to the beach (or handing your kids over for foster care) because it just feels impossible to keep everything going?

Juggling a sensitive nervous system, family commitments and ambitious goals IS possible. You just can't do it if you try to play by conventional rules.

I've put together some of my favourite rule-breaking tools and practices for making it work as a highly sensitive, ambitious woman.

The information in this PDF will rewire your thinking and beliefs around success. It will also help you get started building systems that will support you over the long term.

These are the things I come back to again and again in my own life as a highly sensitive sensitive, neurodivergent single parent.

coaching for highly sensitive people

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