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Empower your work, your relationships and your body. 11 tools for daily, sustainable, feminine success.

Based loosely on Gabriel Roth’s 5 Rhythms, these playlists carry my life.

5 Rhythms is a dance practice. As the music evolves, you travel through stages of transformation, which also equate to the milestones of the Hero’s Journey. Each of these playlists is designed for a different Rhythm. Use them to drop into the magic of each moment and find your own heroic journey as you dance your day, literally and metaphorically.

The perfect early morning playlist.
Yoga, coffee, intentions
Get moving, make things happen and discharge pent up energy
Activate flow state and get gently in the zone
Reassurance and chill: bath, cuddles, and breathe out.
Get creative and social with these happy soulful songs
For deep relaxation and connecting to source