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You’re a bright, curious human who cares about making a beautiful world. 

But  instead of reaching for your big goals, your vital energy is mostly frittered away on the daily grind. You’re always recovering from the last thing, getting ready for the next thing, or handling all those other things that you didn’t ask or plan for. 


On top of earning a living, you may be juggling the pressures of caring for kids or relatives, or challenges with your own physical and mental wellbeing.  You’re trying to squeeze in interests and self care where you can... which is hardly at all.  

A bright curious woman who cares about making a beautiful world

“The rule is, jam to-morrow and jam yesterday - but never jam to-day.”

– The Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland
A relaxed women after coaching for overwhelm

You started adulthood with big goals - happy kids, fulfilling career, creative expression. Now these seem to be constantly just out of reach. You’re not only frustrated, you’re genuinely worried about where this is going to lead if it carries on. 


You’re ready for more focus, more engagement and a deeper sense of purpose on a daily basis. You’re done with chaotic execution, flying-by-the-seat of your pants and never having things quite how you need them. It's time to harness your energy, and direct it towards the things you really care about, long term, without burning out in the process.

That’s where I come in...

Alice Irving - coaching for overwhelm

Hi, I'm Alice

I specialise in burnout recovery, neurodiversity and flow for atypical and highly sensitive people. I will help you have more fulfilling days and restful nights as you set and achieve your audacious goals. All while building nourishing relationships and nurturing a strong, resilient nervous system over the long haul.


I’ve been helping people make the most of their strengths and get more out of life and work for over a decade. My passion is working out how to take a good thing and make it WONDERFUL! I’m an ideas driven, systems oriented, balanced left/right brain thinker, INFP Projector. I pay close attention.  I make connections that other people don’t see. I feel what’s happening deeply. 

I notice a lot.  I've a knack for spotting patterns (helpful habits, niggling glitches, hidden opportunities). I’ll teach you to listen to yourself with great sensitivity. And I love to build systems to turn those connections and intuitions into something extraordinary in the real world.

Hi, I'm Alice

My story

I'm proudly Autistic and ADHD and delight in the sixth sense attunement, fertile inner life and voracious curiosity that gives me.  I’m near-genius level smart and have a degree from one of the best universities in the world, yay me! Yet “getting things done” can be a huge challenge. For years I was ashamed of my sensitivity, disorganisation and the unique way that I process and respond to the world. The daily juggle of executing life, work and conscious parenting “like a normal person” very nearly broke me on several occasions.  


What I have learned is that I’m not broken (quite the contrary), but I have different rules. The trick wasn’t to change me it was to change the rules. I had to start from first principles. It takes courage to execute my life according to what I know works for me - and to reject ordinary common assumptions and tactics. I’ve had to learn to say no a lot and to state clearly how I need things to be. Yet, the result is that things that were tripping me up, when managed right, have become powerful tools and wonderful gifts. 

My coaching is the result of years of study, training, action-learning and real life experiments on myself.


I’ve been on a fifteen year journey to discover how to get through life gracefully - and how best to help others to do the same - with ambitious goals but limited energy, attention and focus. All this while still having something left for my beautiful kids at the end of the day. 


I’m an NLP practitioner, have trained in Flow with Steven Kotler and am also trained as a connection and neuroscience based Hand in Hand Parenting instructor. I consult internationally and am based in Frome, Somerset. 

My Mission

I want to help you get to where you want to be without burnout. I’ve tried and tested a lot of approaches, so you can just get stuck in start making a difference in your life.

Get my free PDF guide:
Do Less, Better
11 Tools For Success Without Burnout. For highly-sensitive, ambitious women.

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