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7 Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself

After a full year of pandemic life on top of the challenges we were already managing, it really is so important to be looking after yourself. Here are my 7 top tips to take care of yourself just that little bit more without having to make a dramatic overhaul all in one go.

Before we begin, remember, if you’ve fallen off the wagon with taking good care of yourself then there’s no blame: things are as they are. Now let's just make them that tiny bit better.

  1. Pay attention: You may not have the time or space to schedule in big changes yet. What you DO have is your attention and the ability to send it in your own direction. Mundane tasks are a perfect opportunity to do this. Ask: how am I today? What’s going on? Put a mental arm around yourself and give yourself a little bit of time.

  2. Think Routines and Small Changes: look at all the things you do regularly and add, subtract or alter til you’ve got something that works. Sometimes a tiny thing can make all the difference. You’ll have loads of ideas already, so look at your routines and see where you can fit something in!

  3. Think Big: I know I said we’d do this gently, but let's give a nod to the elephant in the room: If you’re honest, is there one major change that would make a HOST of difference that just seems too massive to even contemplate?

  4. Ask for help: eeek! It makes you vulnerable, beholden, and proves that you aren’t an all powerful super person. It also means you bless another person with the opportunity to give and be helpful. Participating in the flow of giving and receiving is a lovely way of feeling connected AND it can free you up, even add time and resources for you to take care of yourself.

  5. Say NO: (double EEK!). This one always provides far more “aha” moments than the “what do I want” questions in the intensive courses I’ve run over the years! It's the energy equivalent of decluttering. Clear some space in your life: what little things could you say no to? What big things? And what happens in the space left behind? If you need some extra help with boundaries read this.

  6. Breathe: This is the single most valuable thing you can do! Whether it's getting fresh air, exercise or meditation, anything which connects you to your breath and increases the flow of oxygen will make a difference. We all have moments when we can be. Two minutes giving yourself full attention can make a difference and begin to bring you back to yourself.

  7. Stop Compromising, quit the martyring and take a break! JUST DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO, no more excuses: Abandon the children. The washing up. Perhaps even (yikes) your boss. And just do the thing. Just once. And see what happens. Go to bed early. Get yourself to the gym. Book yourself the massage. Disappear upstairs. Get out and just LOOK. Enjoy the mental reset it gives you and start seeing things from a better perspective.

Which ones of these are you already doing? Which ones feel the hardest to implement? Let me know in the comments.

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