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Simple Smart Ways to Stay On Track

Are your business, goals or project on track? How do you tell? This blog post outlines signs that you are on or off course along with two key practical steps to stay on track.

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My client a few years back trained as a midwife so she could support women to connect with their power in their childbearing year. After 20 years of working for the NHS, she was ready for a change. The work wasn’t inspiring her and she felt stifled by the institution.

She wasn’t ready to leave midwifery though. Together we (joyfully) reconnected with her original intention. 2 decades after she began her journey, she finally created a plan to bring her vision to life, in a unique way.

It's too easy to wake up one day and realise that your business or project has wandered far from the path you’d intended.

It might be that you just aren’t bringing in enough money. Perhaps your marketing simply isn’t doing it’s job. Or perhaps, and even worse, you realise you’ve created something far from your original vision.

How do you keep an eye on things and stay on track, so you can make the necessary adjustments before you wake up one morning and realise you are vastly out of line?

How to tell if you’re off track:

  • Outflow doesn’t match inflow.

  • No-body is buying in to your thing

  • You have a sense of longing, frustration or disappointment.

  • You’re always running to catch up, things aren’t in balance.

We’ve been taught that these feelings are NATURAL and par for the course, so we ignore them. “You have to put up with XYZ if you want to get ABC”. Could it be that this attitude is part of the reason we all feel so flippin stressed and the world seems to be getting crazier?!

Every time you feel tired, frustrated or like there’s not enough of anything, these are all signs that you’ve strayed from the most efficient path: that of perfect alignment with your vision and higher self.

How to tell if you’re on track:

  • You achieve more in less time, with less effort.

  • You have more energy despite working harder.

  • You feel good in yourself humming and “up” but not wired.

  • Other people see you, connect with you, and understand what you’re doing.

I firmly believe that when you create a plan which is in line with who you are, your gifts, and what you believe in, something else gets on board which makes things flow smoothly. And that when you ignore this, it fowls up the gears far more than you would think possible!

I’m still learning to put this into practice fully myself. Old habits die hard. But I’m keeping at it.

Staying on Track:

1. Ask your body. Feeling a bit weird about your latest blog campaign? Check in. Maybe you’re trying to be something you’re not, or you’re missing out an important piece. Unsure about a new client? Check in. Find out what it’s about. Your body is like some kind of divine measuring device. When you’re humming along and happy, that’s a good sign that all is well. If you’re not then stop pushing! Take a break, tune in.

2. Decide on your metrics. Know what you actually need to achieve to get you from A to B, and pick some things to measure. Income. Sales. Eyes on your site. Hours at your desk. Quality feedback from clients. Whatever you’re focussing on, if you want it to change, you need to measure it.

Your big path is made of tiny steps. Keep each one in line, with the guidance of your body, and you’ll get where you’re trying to go without it taking you 20 years. If you'd like support with that, spend 90 mins mapping out where you want to get to and problem solving whatever is standing in the way with my breakthrough sessions. Details & booking here.

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