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Dream Big: Desire is a compass not a distraction

desire is a compass

I Believe in Fare Shares.

I Believe in Good Things for Everyone.

I ALSO believe in dreaming very very big, juicy, unedited phantasmagoria dreams.


But if everyone dreamed like that, there wouldn’t be enough to go round, right?

Already half the world is suffering because the other half is allowing itself unbridled self indulgence, without mind to the consequences.

We dream of a fair world, a balanced world. And we think that is, perhaps, a world, where everyone settles for less.

Less of what, though?

More of what?

And anyway, how sure are you that you want what you say you want, deep down?

The majority of us are in desire trauma:

We've lost touch with our true desires so badly that we aren’t even sure how to tell our real desires from distractions.

Even us consciously minded people have a hard time with this.

You can think you’re going for what you want, being ethical, making a difference, doing a job which inspires you yet somehow still feel like you're missing the point.

Small is very very beautiful:

If we all got Me right, the world would be well.

I want to see a world where people dream big, unapologetic dreams. Dreams of wellness, wholeness, happiness, connectedness. Dreams of an acre of land for every family.

Dreams of profound, perfect mental health (and the wisdom to understand what that really means).

Dreams of mind-blowing intimacy in families, in communities. Dreams of humanity receiving the earth’s sustenance with grace and gratitude and respect.

Here’s the crux of it: When you deny people this stuff - and we routinely deny people this in western society - it creates a kind of sickness which hunts for compensation, for any way of getting close to those feelings.

We get trained to look for substitutes, because we’ve been taught that we may not look for the true thing. The desire at the heart of the unrepeatable wonderstorm of you.

The “dream big” manifesto is a crucial piece in the change towards a better world.

And we could dream a LOT bigger than multi-million dollar yachts.

Desire is a compass, not a distraction.

Don’t edit your dreams. Learn to lean into them, and be kind to the places you get scared. The world needs your outrageous desire.

Let me help you uncover your own desire compass and turn that into the kind of success which lets you breathe. Book a free 15 minute call here.

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