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Empower your work, your relationships and your body. 11 tools for daily, sustainable, feminine success.


Lead with confidence, ease and deep joy.

You’re a determined, ambitious soul who feels things deeply. You’re passionate about your work. You work hard, personally and both personal and professional. You want to feel sure of yourself, confident, effective... without the usual pushing, coercion and exhaustion that is ‘business as usual’ in today’s culture.

You already know what you need. What you want. You’re smarter than you give yourself credit for and more resourceful than you imagined.

Let me help you uncover your innate feminine intelligence and turn that into the kind of success which lets you breathe.


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I help ambitious action takers become more powerful, confident and effective by leaning into the power of being.  You'll work on mastery, efficiency, flow and expression in your personal and professional life so you can move to the next level of vibrancy across the board.

Individual 90 min sessions mapping out where you want to go and problem solving whatever is in your way.

A 6-week process around a specific idea you want to implement or a challenge you need to solve. 

Keep me on retainer for 3 months. Weekly calls, implementing structures to supercharge your effectiveness.

my story

I have a passion for revealing the magic within you.


I pay close attention. I notice a lot. I've a knack for spotting patterns (helpful habits, niggling glitches, hidden opportunities) and I’ll teach you to listen to yourself with great sensitivity.

I'm ambitious. I have a degree from one of the best universities in the world, and I've worked as a project manager with organisations like the Royal Opera House and the South Bank Centre.

As a neuro-atypical, I’ve spent my life finding workarounds for the eye watering challenge of thriving in a world which thinks very differently to me. I’ve tried, tested and refined a lot of life hacks in the last 20 years.

My ultimate discovery, and the one I'd like to share with you, is this: For years I was ashamed of my sensitivity, disorganisation and wild feminine perspective. Now I know that these are not only my greatest strengths, they are the keys to my success. 

Client testimonials

"Alice has a magical capacity to pull the greatness out of me. She helps me see aspects of myself that I had perceived as flaws, as my in fact greatest strengths. Connecting with what I’m good at has been a relief and allows me to focus my energy on what I do best. I always feel so good about myself, so limitless under the warmth of Alice’s generous attention.



She connects me with my divinity so that I can remember the vast potential available to me. In practical terms, Alice has helped me realise my authentic value and charge really well for my services, in a female dominant sector where the culture is to undervalue. I had been sitting on a lot of resource for a successful business, but not had the clarity and focus to apply and get results for all the work I was putting in."

Roma Norriss, Parenting coach




"I saw Alice for a session a few weeks after I started my business. I was feeling a little lost regarding next steps. She helped me to focus on my strengths and look at ways that I can to network to gain new connections within my sector to get clients. When I left the session I was more focused and was able to take action to move forward in my business. ”

Deirdre Simpson, Special Educational Needs Lawyer



"You gave me permission to try things out, get things wrong and be on a learning curve. To step into my power and make a mess as part of the process. Being held as someone that can create, that has permission to be BIG! The sense of being celebrated for all that gives me courage and self respect. I so appreciate your ability to hold the shadowy aspects of my feelings without it impacting on the way you can hold the possibilities in my future. I feel the difficulties are honoured and can be included in the positive stuff as evidence of strengths and growth. I think that is a very unique and a powerfully feminine way of working."

Carolyn Clitheroe, Holistic Decluttering Consultant


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