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You’re going to take back control of your most important power sources: your time, your physical energy, your emotional energy, your attention. Then you’ll start using them to do the things which REALLY MATTER to you. And do them REALLY WELL.


This isn’t about “having it all.” You don’t need to cram any more into your day. It’s about being able to really enjoy and master what you’ve got and what you want: Time with your kids and partner that’s actually fun. Work that makes you feel smart and confident. Creative passions that fill you up and enrich your life. Downtime that’s genuinely refreshing. 


My work is holistic and trauma informed, so that you are using your whole intelligence (emotional, intuitive, embodied) to master your life and work. You will stretch, not snap. 


By the end you’ll be infusing way more depth, meaning and fulfilment into every moment, all while feeling more relaxed, refreshed and centred than ever before.

Work with me

In depth, one-to-one support to help you reach your highest goals, without burning out. 

I take a limited number of clients at a time so I can give you my full attention and make sure you get what you need. I am deeply committed to your success, and we’ll make sure that the journey you take with me fits exactly your unique situations and challenges. This is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a business owner, freelancer, creative or careerist with experience under your belt. You’re already confident about what you do in your work.... But juggling everything is nearly killing you and you are definitely not reaching your potential.

  • You care deeply about the world and other people - but can’t seem to find the balance between giving back and giving to yourself.

  • You’re a doer: you’ve already tried a few courses, books, apps and tricks-you-found-online  to support you and have had some success, but are struggling to bring it all together. Things are still hard despite really giving it your best.

  • You identify as a high achiever or ambitious, but can’t see how to get “there” without divorcing your kids or ending up in hospital. 

  • You hold back from speaking up, putting yourself forward and taking risks in your work and life.  You’ve compromised your dreams to accommodate health issues or care responsibilities, out of necessity rather than choice.... something tells you you’re selling yourself short.

  • You are sick of struggling and scraping through, forgetting things or missing things because you’re are just too exhausted or disorganised.

  • You want a system for handling your responsibilities that gets everything done but doesn’t involve you being “on” all day.

  • You want to use your precious energy for building something beautiful over the long term, not surviving the daily apocalypse.

  • You want someone to tell you exactly what to do so you can stop trying to figure things out and just get moving.

Coaching Options


How I work

We start by helping you get really clear on what you care about, what you want and where you’d like your life and work to go based on your passions and strengths (which we’ll map in detail). 


You’ll then learn how to confidently say no to what’s not working, on a day to day level and in the big picture. 


Finally you’ll build and master the systems, strategies, practices and habits that make you unstoppable based on your unique style and situation. 


You’ll turn goals into plans and plans into productive days and restful nights. All in simple, easy-to-follow-in-the-midst-of-chaos bite-size chunks.


We design everything - from your big-picture work strategy to your daily gameplan - so that your commitments are working together not against each other and your energy is focussed in exactly the right way. 

The “Do Less, Better” Life Strategy Overhaul

3 months £1500. 6 months £3000 (see below for 6 month bonuses)

A complete overhaul of your purpose and execution. Infuse meaning into your life and work, access limitless energy and motivation. Get on top of your commitments. Let go of what’s draining you. You’ll need at least 3 hours a week for implementation.

  • Detailed induction questionnaire

  • StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment

  • Stress and habits inventory (you’ll complete a second one at the end to see your progress)

  • 75 minute phone sessions 3 weeks a month.

  • Exercises, activities and missions each week.

  • Email support between sessions (I reply within 24 hours on week days)

  • Deep work on your True North so everything is purpose driven. 

  • Overhaul your business or career strategy to align with purpose, financial goals and strengths

  • Overhaul your mindset so the impossible becomes a plan

  • Work on the underlying patterns behind your struggles with boundaries, finances, and confidence

  • Detailed goal mapping

  • Create daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly action plans that actually get done.

  • Clear your backlog

  • Get out of overwhelm

  • Recover from exhaustion

  • Get your finances under control

  • Master your daily routine

  • Master your to-do list

  • Build new habits

  • Eliminate busy work

By the end you’ll have:

  • Deep and powerful motivation

  • Unshakeable confidence

  • Massively increased productivity

  • Sleeping better, more time for family and self-care

  • More time in flow/deep work

  • Relationships less stressed

  • Less busy work

  • Feeling more in control and confident

  • Systems and habits for getting everything done

6 Month bonuses:

  • 3-hour induction session

  • 90-minute mid-term deep-dive session to work on mindset and inner game

  • Mini focus sessions: Daily five-minute check ins to fine tune your execution and mindset. We do this for one week, twice over 6 months.

What you get:

  • 90 minute induction session to map your goals 

  • 75 minute phone sessions 3 weeks a month.

  • Exercises, activities and missions each week.

  • Shared coaching document to keep track of your progress.

  • Email support between sessions.

  • Tracking review to see your progress at the end.

3 months £1500. 6 months £3000

Praise from previous coaching clients

Sophie Bolton, Dancing Freedom 

"Alice's ability to hold me emotionally as well as practically has helped me really begin to find the stepping stones to working in total alignment with the gift this life has given me.


My dear friend distilled the energy of Alice in one of those knowing glances that twinkles with “Yes, go for it!!”  When I met Alice I could feel respect, strength and tenderness and I knew she would be able to hold me.  I feel like I’ve got permission to get it wrong.


She's shamanic - listening to the intelligence in each moment.   It feels to me that she see's the 'bigger' picture around me.  She met me exactly where I am so that the right energy can be harnessed to work with at the right time.  Her ability to be to the point yet wrapped in warmth, allows me to be more than I knew myself to be.  Very cunning! She's a life energy surfer!!!"

Jennifer Syme

"I have worked with other coaches before and found you to be the most useful in terms of honesty and style of working. You seem to be some kind of mind-reader - you know what I'm feeling even when I haven't said what it is.


You are approachable and easy to talk to. Unlike with many coaches, I felt able to raise things with you and be honest. You were willing to listen to my concerns, rather than just dictate some cookie cutter approach.


You had tools to help me get to the core of what I was trying to do. Our intensive focused on where to begin and getting things like my about page roughed out. I knew it was just aimed at this area rather than trying to sort out the whole business and that helped me focus as well. 


You did what you said, you kept your word. My 'story straight' plan" has helped me see where I am going and the steps I need to take. Yes even a few sessions can keep you on track"

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 15.56.56.png
Julia Jeremiah

"Many, many thanks for your sharp clear focus, open heart and amazing presence. You keep things simple and narrow everything down to what's relevant now as opposed to just visioning. It's totally felt how passionate you are with your work, which is by far the biggest inspiration.


I was really excited to do this - it's been coming for many years. My main aim was to find a target audience or a niche and I've been dancing around that for a few years!It only took half and hour and there she is standing in my room and I'm well pleased that I've nailed it now!


I've got a solid marketing strategy now. There's no more messing about. I know who I want to talk to, who will really benefit from my work and I can go! I have clear goals, structure which is great. thank you SO much."

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