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The stillness of self love

Self love is being able to be utterly still knowing that you are safe, held and treasured whatever you do.

What if you knew you could rely on a steady stream of feeling good?

Maybe you’d stop freaking out as much. Or be less on guard, less worried about what other people think or less concerned about “saying the right thing.”

If you could rely on feeling good, maybe you’d take more risks, because the core part of you can be still. Less adrenaline, more oxytocin which means more fun and connection.

Here's a secret: you're at least 3 times more powerful, clever and delightful than you realise.

Self love means knowing you are safe, you are enough and that you can uphold the goodness in yourself.

It’s being able to soak up the good vibes instead of frantically scrabbling to generate them.

Good vibes can’t be stressed into being.

“I have to do some self care.” (slap, slap)

“I can’t seem to love myself.” (tut, tut)

What if you knew it was possible for stillness to sit at the core of your being without you having to effort it into existence?

Self love is independently generating good vibes, in the nerve centre. Deeper the better.

Don’t prove how good you are. Realise it.

You can pour as much energy as you’ve got into proving you’re ok, good enough.

The real work is in taking the time to realise how good you actually are. Once you get there, you realise “good enough” doesn’t come in the form of a certificate, but a kind of bodily knowing. An absence of strain.

To work through the layers of shame, self criticism and pain that go along with every achievement, every success, and every beautiful moment is the real work of success.

Once you can say “I am enough”, other people will trust you. Because you trust yourself.

Permission ceases to be an issue.

You are a precious gift.

The more carefully and diligently you attend to yourself, the more radiance, ease and joy you’ll have in your life. It’s already in your cells. You just have to come home.

Much of the energetic drain that people experience going after “success” consists of trying to convince the world to believe something that you do not. And that is exhausting.

Better (though emotionally more risky) to put your time and energy into unlearning the habits of thought and feeling convincing you that you are less than ok.

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