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Growing on empty soil.

Here’s a little insight you probably weren’t taught in school:

If you want to do a good job of anything,

(such as…. raising well adjusted kids, running a successful business, having a useful and fulfilling career, creating breathtaking artwork)

you need to be resourced to the same degree or more that doing said job is going to take it out of you.

Sustainable is about returning to what you innately know and feel and do

Most of us have never been taught to budget our money properly, let alone our energetic, social and physical resources.

Do you even have a clear idea of what resources you (and I mean you, personally and specifically) need to succeed?

Do you know how to assess how much something is going to take it out of you?

Or are you used to just hunkering down, getting through, and dealing with the carnage later?

You can’t ask for something until you know you need it.

You can’t ask for something confidently until you know it's value.

One of the greatest debates around modern farming is to do with yields and productivity. The organicists and permaculturists have now proven that you can produce far more crop per acre with messy, disorganised (on the surface) farming practices which focus on building the soil.

Big business didn’t think it was possible, but now CEO’s at some of the world’s largest agro companies are realising: intensive farming doesn’t work.

You might not think it's possible for your brain and body to produce the levels of productivity and performance you long for. You might only know approaches which deplete your “soil” and leave you exhausted.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.


No matter how much quiet time you need.

No matter how hard you find writing, organising, socialising, concentrating, public speaking… or whatever it is that has you convinced that you’ll never do the things that you really care about to the level you’d like….

There is another way.

Sustainable success isn’t about getting somewhere you’re not. It’s about returning to what you innately know and feel and do.

This kind of success doesn’t take from you, it builds on itself and it builds you up.

It leaves you more effective and more fulfilled.

It makes you more wonderfully you.

If you'd like to know how to bring sustainable success to your work and life tailored to your specific situation, let's chat.

You’ll get my input on how to make the juggle easier, keep working towards your big goals in a sustainable way, and make burn out a thing of the past.

You’ll leave the call feeling:

Confident in your ability to move forward.

Full of clarity on how to take it to the next level without burning out.

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